My Story

I was introduced to Scentsy five years ago at a holiday party. We were all playing that game when you chose between an unwrapped gift from the pile or you 'steal' someone's opened gift. I was ecstatic to receive a beautiful porcelain Snow Day nightlight and a bar of Exotic Vanilla/Velet Spice. I'm usually one of the last guests to leave but I left on time that night so I could go home and fondle my new present. I couldn't get home fast enough and when I plugged it in and flipped the switch, to my surprise, it glowed! Scentsy had me as soon as I flipped the switch!

If you visit me, you'll see it because I keep it in my kitchen year round. I like it so much, I take it with me when I travel because I never want to be without Scentsy fragrance and it makes a great nightlight! I never thought I'd give up the flame of a candle but Scentsy is so much more decorative, clean and safe compared to a dirty, sooty candle. 

February 12 will be my five year anniversary! Please feel free to email me, I love to share Scentsy. Until then, don't be tempted by an old flame!